CES 2020 is on fire! : 10 Hottest Trends

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020 started this week on January 7 and ended today. This trade show is the largest in the world and is an excellent place for companies to launch their innovations, partner to solve some great issues, conduct business and so on. So let’s see what happened this year and some hot trends that will change the rules.

Unlike the other years, Apple actually joined this year’s event but not for launching anything, as we know the big brands prefer using their own platform. Despite the newcomers, some big Chinese companies like Alibaba, Tencent, JD.com, Xiaomi, Oppo and so on were absent due to the new U.S. policy towards China.

Also for the first time, an airline company attended the show under the travel&tourism market place and for the first time sex tech products were allowed under the health&wellness market place. As expected, this year the trending market places are health&wellness and the smart city, as both of them increased by 25% in exhibitors.

There are lots of trends going on, on the Internet but one is highlighted more, which is: PRIVACY.

Every tech company’s concern became privacy since the big failures of protecting it. For example, Google has announced two new voice commands while using your voice assistant, you can tell the Google voice assistant to forget what it has just heard like “Google that wasn’t for you” or “Google delete everything I said to you this week”. Facebook also announced a new privacy tool, which allows you to control who can see what you shared and how is it used. Ring also made an announcement that allows you to opt-out a request from the local police for video.

So let’s check out some real gadgets!

8K Televisions: The show is a great place for companies to launch their TVs, and several manufacturers released 8K televisions which is the greatest quality standard. Samsung showed off its own as well and also introduced a TV that acts like a phone. The TV is already for sale in South Korea for about $1,600.

Smart waste can: a company called TOWNEW launched a waste can which by pressing a button it seals the bag and puts a new one in the can.

Snore stopping pillow: “Motion Pillow” is a smart pillow that collects the data of the way the person sleeps and breaths then reshapes itself during the night to improve your airflow through the nose.

Virtual Visor: Bosch has launched a new visor for cars. It uses AI technology which darkens only the exact positions of the driver’s eyes.

Virtual keyboard: Samsung has introduced “SelfieType” which uses a camera to analyze the one’s finger movements as they type and show it on the phone.

Wearable air purifier: Aō Air introduced an air purifier which it pulls the air and then filters it and by using fans it creates clean air in the front of the device.

Toilet paper robot: Protect&Gamble introduced RollBot to serve people as they use the toilet. It can be connected to your mobile phone and when in need you can call it for toilet paper.

The New Wave Of Video Streaming: New video streaming platforms are emerging: Quibi and NBCUniversal are launching their service. As everyone is trying to keep up with Netflix, services are going to multiply.

Temporary Tattoo: “Prinker” is a portable device that prints tattoos on your skin and they are temporary!

Moen Smart Faucet: It is a voice-activated faucet and you can ask for a special amount of water or a special temperature.

Some of the new technologies are going to change the world but some of them will be just inventions. We will see what future holds for us.