Hopi has chosen Poi to deliver the best customer experiences

The app for shopping: Hopi has started working with Poi to deliver effective customer experiences. In April 2015, Hopi became a part of our shopping life and essential with its advantages. These advantages included delivering the best deals and customized campaigns that suit the best customers’ shopping preferences via learning their shopping habits.

That is exactly where Poi comes. Hopi is using the technology of Poi to determine the foot traffic of the customers. Hopi can understand where the customers are spending their time and evaluate them by analyzing this location data provided by the app.

Currently, the number of Hopi users has reached 6 million. Every day 50.000 customers are shopping with Hopi. Hopi matches consumers with customized offers from 50 leading Turkish and international brands. Poi Beacons have been placed over 700 stores of these brands in 55 cities.

Get ready to see new surprises at Hopi with Poi!